KC IN ACTION provides a complete package of services for the production of movies, TV programs, music video clips, commercials.

High quality international standards, regardless of budget

Planning, Budgeting  & Cost Reports

  •   Script cost analysis
  •   Efficient budgeting solutions
  •   Budget management
  •   Accurate, transparent and timely cost          reporting

Crews & Equipment

  • Top local film crews and a variety of film professionals
  • All crews fluent in English and accustomed to working with large-scale Greek and foreign productions
  • Equipment vendors for all types of film        equipment packages and facilities, in          Greece and Europe

Location Scouting

  • Extensive network of location specialists
  • Access to unique and exclusive locations
  • Film permits for exceptional archaeological and historical sites

Legislation, visas & permits

  •    Local employment and labor laws
  •    Social security & Tax authorities
  •    Contract drafting
  •    Production insurance
  •    Compliance with Health & Safety regulations
  •    Risk assessment

Travel, Transportation & Accommodation

  •   Coordination of travel and accommodation for all cast & crew
  •   Cast & crew travel visas
  •   Booking of flights and hotels
  •   Local transportation
  •    Management of other accommodation requirements